There’s a good chance that the upcoming Batman film – The Batman – will be R-Rated, and people are pretty excited about what that could entail.

The trailer for The Batman was probably the best thing to come out of the DC Fandome and second place wasn’t even close. Everything about the film looked incredible and Robert Pattinson looks as though he’s going to be a revelation (and if TENET is anything to go by, then he definitely will be).

One thing was very striking about The Batman trailer though, and that’s that it looks pretty bloody dark. We say this every time there’s a new Batman trailer released – “Oh wow he’s really going dark. Much darker than last time” – but this time it actually looks like he is.

Just look at the way he beats that guy up…


That’s right, he continues to beat him up even though he’s clearly already well and truly beaten up. That’s dark.

Just two wet thuds as he lays into the bad guy who’s incapacitated on the dirty pavement.

So by all accounts, this film is pretty dark and since the likes of Deadpool, Logan and Joker have paved the way for R-rated, mainstream comic book movies, then there’s no reason why The Batman shouldn’t follow in suit. Director Matt Reeves even spoke about his influences and they’re all definitely R-rated.

He said:

Well, because the movie is a detective story because it is a thriller in the sort of cop world and because it’s about corruption, we’re treating this Batman story as if this could have happened.

The idea is that Batman doesn’t have the ability to have superhero powers he just has superhero focus and superhero drive. Chinatown was a key one because Jake Gittes, in investigating that sort of series of crimes that were part of that story, he discovered the depths of corruption in Los Angeles and so in that way it’s like a classic Noir.


This series of murders that Batman is investigating are very much in that mode, so Chinatown was a really big one.

The idea of that kind of gritty flawed, the humanity of it that was very much inspired by those kinds of movies by like French Connection and other sort of cop movies like that, I would say even a movie like Taxi Driver the description of the place and very much getting inside of somebody’s head and I guess a lot of really sort of 70s Street grounded stories“.

God why does it have to be like over a year until we get to see this?!

Images via DC/Twitter