Memes of Pope Francis have been circulating around the internet, as people replace parts of an original image to show humorous objects in the hands of the leader of the Catholic Church.

2020 has been a strange year and its getting even weirder now that an image of Pope Francis has become the template for a series of memes. The images that place strange items in the hands of the pope vary from the hilarious to the absurd, but almost all of them seem to be giving Twitter users laughs.

Below are some of the best versions of the meme and it seems a lot of people have taken cinematic inspiration.

There were also some images created by fans of television shows and old school games consoles.

In general, it seems that Twitter is loving these memes and they look set to continue as the format of four images creating one is used to encourage more content.

Right now many will be wondering what will be the next meme trend, but it may be best to just enjoy the absurdity that is being posted.

It would be interesting to see if Pope Francis likes these memes.


Featured image credit: @N64Today