The Best Way To Save Money On Super-Fast WiFi If You’re A Student

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 07.10.19

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When it comes time to leave the halls of your university, it can be pretty daunting. Of course the idea of a somewhat less shared kitchen and bathroom is enough to excite the most stoic among us, but other than that, unless bills are included in your rent, you have to do some proper adulting for maybe the first time in your life.

I mean, how do you even go about getting WiFi and making sure you don’t get ripped off?

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Eventually you find somewhere to get some internet from, but it really does feel like you’re wrapped around your provider’s little finger until your contract is over.

On top of that, waiting for some engineer to come over and install the router in your house just seems like unnecessary hassle and I maintain that I’ve missed some pretty wild lunches at Spoons for that.

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I don’t want that to happen to you and clearly EE doesn’t want that either since they’re rolling out a luuuurvely 4GEE Home router that’s dangerously easy to set up, quicker than standard fibre broadband, with a very flexible rolling contract that’s cheap cheap cheap.

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I’d argue though that one of the best things about the 4GEE Home router, is the setting up time.

We’ve all been bent over a barrel by broadband providers, keeping us on the line for hours, milking us dry and then having us wait a week until some engineer turns up late, somehow forgetting the router. Absolutely no time for it, least of all when you stupidly ask them if they want a cup of tea and they have the temerity to say yes.

With the 4GEE Home router, you literally plug it into the mains yourself and there you go; you’re set up and you didn’t even have to ask your roommate to clear their stuff out of the living room because you’ll be having “guests”.

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Given how easy it is to set up, this means you can also simply unplug it and move it to anywhere you want to get stranger signal there (not that you’ll need too), and you can even take it to other locations entirely. It’s a portable little minx, is the 4GEE Home router.

But how good is the signal strength? Well, it happens to be very good.

In an age where most student accommodation is in houses that haven’t seen any TLC since they were built in the early 1800s and manage to seem both needlessly big, yet painfully cramped, the 4GEE Home router has a 30m range, meaning that the entire, crumbling house you live in will be covered, along with a 4G strength checker.

Furthermore, you can connect up to 32 devices which is far more than you’ll ever need. Don’t make the same mistakes I made, guys.

There’s a number of plans available, including the option to get 50% off the upfront cost as well as £10 off the first month of the monthly price for your 4GEE home router. You can check all of the deals out here…

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