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The Fight To Decouple Sex From Marriage - How Important Sex Is In Our Life


Marriage and sex? While love and marriage may go together like a horse and carriage, Different story, though: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a data scientist, recently revealed that when it comes to marital complaints, "sexless marriage" is one of the most often Googled terms.

Is about the fight to decouple sex from marriage, if you give out the milk for free, no one will purchase the cow.

Do people truly think that because we women have too much sex and men have no reason to get married, marriage is on the decline and we are to blame?

What Does It Mean To Be In “sexless” Marriage?

Two people Kissing
Two people Kissing

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/the-fight-to-decouple-sex-from-marriage/ by Professor Jhiz on 2022-10-27T22:55:12.737Z

There is no easy solution. According to some experts, relationships that have sex nine times a year or less are considered sexless.

Others counter that since frequency preferences are personal, no outsider can declare a marriage to be sexless.

The fact that "nine times or fewer" may not be a bad thing for certain couples is another reason the numbers don't necessarily represent much. Some individuals are content with having sex just once a year on their anniversary.

The Role Of Libido

If "sexless" is too ambiguous, sexual desire discrepancy can be a better description of your physical relationship.

Simply put, it indicates that one person doesn't desire sex as frequently as the other, and the greater the difference, the greater the likelihood that one partner would be unhappy.

How To Get Your Sex Life Back

A woman showing her ass
A woman showing her ass

Talking about the causes without assigning blame won't be the easiest talk you've ever had, but it's important.

It's crucial to avoid burdening the spouse with less desire. Couples must come together in the middle.

Consult your doctor if a medical condition is the cause. Sex therapy or couples counseling may also be beneficial.

Women have the option to have sex even when they're not in the mood, which gives them an edge over males.

That doesn't seem good, but doing it could increase your desire. She says that increasing sexual contact might actually stimulate a woman's libido if she adopts the mentality that "I'm going to start having sex with my spouse because that's going to deepen our closeness and improve our relationship."

Kerner advises informing your spouse that you dreamed about him if you are hesitant to give him the specifics.

"Say, "I dreamed about you in the sexiest way today at work. Wow, we were...' and then fill in the blank with something a bit startling," he adds. "I don't know what was going on in my unconscious, but wow, we were.

Redefine Sex

A woman wearing a red hat
A woman wearing a red hat

It is not required to be vaginal or to result in orgasm (that adds too much pressure). Don't undervalue the importance of snuggling either.

Even non-touching personal activities like reading aloud to each other or having supper by candlelight might help you rekindle your connection.

People Also Ask

Is It Normal To Stop Sex After Marriage?

According to a poll conducted on behalf of the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture, 13% of married couples had not engaged in sexual activity in the preceding three months.

A other study found that, on average, 20% of couples hadn't had sex in the previous year.

How Long Is Too Long Without Sex In A Relationship?

When pondering the question, "How long is too long without sex in a relationship," keep in mind that everyone's tolerance for going without sex differs.

In the end, there is no ideal level of sex, and spending an extended period without having sex shouldn't be harmful to your health.

How Much Sex Does A Man Need?

There is no one "proper quantity" of sex that men require, despite the fact that the average seems to be a couple times each week. His emotional need to sense your passion for him is the one thing that never changes.


People who have been married for a long time could believe that having sex is simple since they are used to knowing how to manipulate others, warns Milrod.

But the truth is quite the contrary. Higher expectations and more work are required the longer you are with someone. Don't give up, therefore.

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