The Final Trailer For ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Is Here

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 17.04.19
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I just watched the most recent trailer for the superhero film that everyone forgot was coming out, X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

I’m always hard on X-Men films because, in general, I find the mutants incredibly boring and the timeline makes less sense than trying to keep up with Inception using Ceefax. Of course I loved Logan, the first Deadpool and Legion is brilliant but the mainstream films can just stop.

What I’m trying to say is that my opinion is somewhat skewed by my general disdain for X-Men but here we go.


The final trailer is out and it shows how Jean was first possessed (???) with the Phoenix force and it was through a space mission. The X-Men help people in space now.

That makes sense though, the Phoenix force is otherworldly so they needed a way of getting it in the story without everyone not having a clue what was going on, like in The Last Stand.

Basically, we see Jean progressively turn evil as she’s seduced by the power of the Phoenix force. Meanwhile, the X-Men are looking to stop/kill her, while Jessica Chastain the most one-dimensional bad guy ever.

Just a bunch of X-Men living in the moment. Not a phone in sight.

I’m holding out for this film being the first X-Men film to not have Magneto start bad, turn good, and then ultimately feel disillusioned by Xavier’s cause, walking away and saying something like “don’t try to stop me, Charles.”

People moan about seeing Batman or Spider-Man’s origin story too many times but Christ, I’ve seen Magneto chop and change between good and bad enough for one lifetime.

The plot for Dark Phoenix reads:

The X-Men face their most formidable and powerful foe when one of their own, Jean Grey, starts to spiral out of control. During a rescue mission in outer space, Jean is nearly killed when she’s hit by a mysterious cosmic force. Once she returns home, this force not only makes her infinitely more powerful, but far more unstable. The X-Men must now band together to save her soul and battle aliens that want to use Grey’s new abilities to rule the galaxy.”

So Jean’s bad now and people have different ideas of how to stop her. Professor X will try to appeal to her better nature and Magneto will try to kill her.

You can watch what appears to be the final Fox X-Men film come the 5th of June.

Images via Fox

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