The First Ever Harry Potter’ Beauty Advent Calendar Is Here And It’s Magical

Taylor WilliamsTaylor Williams in News, UK
Published 28.08.19

So it’s still August and we’re already talking about advent calendars, but who cares because this is a HARRY POTTER advent calendar.

You can’t beat the taste of cheap chocolate from a flimsy cardboard box on an early December morning. Or at least, I thought you couldn’t. But this new Harry Potter beauty advent calendar is a game changer.

Now I’ve never been that much into the whole beauty advent calendar thing myself – they’re usually a bit expensive (okay, seriously overpriced), and how long do those mini make up products really last? And let’s not forget the year Zoella released an advent calendar for like £50 with glitter and stickers inside. They’re a bit of a rip off, let’s be honest.

What’s in the Boots Harry Potter advent calendar?

However, Boots appear to have finally found my weakness with this calendar, and I’m not sad about it. Because behind those little rose gold doors (amazing colour palette, by the way) are Harry Potter themed beauty products. I’m talking Golden Snitch bath bombs, wand-shaped make up brushes, lipstick and nail polish – all with a magical wizarding world twist, hidden behind a breathtaking Hogwarts castle. When you can’t have the real thing, I guess this is basically second best, right?


How much is the Harry Potter Boots calendar?

And for £35, it’s far more affordable than your average beauty calendar. I’m looking at you, Charlotte Tilbury. It also has the full 25 doors, because for some bizarre reason many beauty calendars only include 12 doors. This just makes no sense to me at all – you’re literally buying half a product. For essentially double the price.


When can I buy the Boots Harry Potter beauty advent calendar?

Available online from 1st October, and in store from 4th November, the countdown is officially on. Although if you’re buying it at the beginning of October, do you really have the self-control to wait 2 WHOLE MONTHS to open it? Whilst the Hogwarts castle just sits there, tempting you? I’d struggle, I’ll admit.

This isn’t the first time Boots have released a Potter-themed collection. Last Autumn, the store launched a huge range of Hogwarts-inspired products for beauty-obsessed muggles, including make up bags, hand cream and lip balm.


The range also featured four eye shadow palettes all inspired by the Hogwarts houses, with stunning shades of green for the cunning Slytherin and gorgeous golden tones for a loyal Hufflepuff. And because magic isn’t just for the wizarding world, there was a set of incredible colour changing lipsticks. Hopefully we’ll get to see some of this spellbinding make up in the advent calendar!

If make up isn’t your thing, Merchoid are selling a Harry Potter advent calendar with some slightly, let’s say, less useful contents. Temporary tattoos, a pencil, a badge, stickers, stamps, a sharpener – did someone say Zoella? And for the price of £39.99 – uh, no thank you.

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Images via Boots/Harry Potter/Wizarding World