The First Full Trailer For ‘Game Of Thrones Season 8’ Is Here

What a funny world we live in where the trailer for something is as big news as the actual thing it’s advertising.

I’m not having a go at it, we’re excited.

It’s finally here, people – the trailer for Game of Thrones season eight.

The end is upon us and I’m not sure we’re ready. It’s so tense I could cry.

There’s been months of utter torture from the people at HBO with little teasers and photos but the first proper look of the final season has arrived, just as Winter has done the same for Westeros.

There’s so much to take in.

Of course most of us can’t wait to see what the fate of Westeros is, which will largely boil down to what happens in the Battle of Winterfell – the climactic battle between the Night King and his forces of undead and our heroes in the North.

Maybe we can go through this whole season without anyone getting hurt? That would be nice?

Images via HBO