The first look for The Irishman is here and oh boy I want to watch it.

The Irishman has been spoken about for a long time now, making it perhaps Netflix’s most hotly anticipated original to date… so no pressure.

The all-star cast and director have already got people assuming that is going to be the best film ever and when the news broke that there would be a lot of digital de-aging for De Niro and Pacino, it was hard to not get excited about seeing that.


Directed by Martin Scorsese – who you may remember as the voice of Sykes in Shark Tale – the film stars Robert De Niro (the guy who thinks vaccines cause autism) and Al Pacino (Rob Brydon) as a couple of gangsters in a post-war America, delving into the mysterious disappearance of legendary Union President Jimmy Hoffa.

the irishman

Hmmm. Organised crime epics? New ground for Scorsese. Mind you, given how only 12 people watched Silence and they all fell asleep seven minutes in, it’s not entirely shocking that he’s going back to crime drama.


Joining De Niro and Pacino are some pretty exciting names, such as Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, Jesse Plemons, Anna Paquin, Stephen Graham, Ray Romano and Bobby Cannavale.

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Based on the Charles Brandt novel I Heard You Paint Houses, The Irishman follows World War II veteran Frank Sheeran – an infamous hitman – through the years as he worked with some of the most notorious names of his time.


New York Film Festival director Kent Jones described the film as ‘funny, troubling, entertaining and, like all great movies, absolutely singular’.

He said: “It’s the work of masters, made with a command of the art of cinema that I’ve seen very rarely in my lifetime, and it plays out at a level of subtlety and human intimacy that truly stunned me.”

Another of the actors set to star in the film, Sebastian Maniscalco, told Joe Rogan that we can expect the film in October. He said: “It’s coming out in October.”

“I didn’t sleep for the first week leading up to the [first] scene, because I knew it was gonna be with De Niro and Pesci.

“When I went in there, I told myself, ‘I ain’t talking to nobody. I’m going to speak when [I’m] spoken to.

“There was a part when they were lighting De Niro – we’re standing face to face, and he’s looking at me and I’m looking at him. I wasn’t going to say nothing. And then he comes in [towards] my tie [and says] ‘Your tie needs to be tightened a little bit’ – he cinched my tie.”


With the film being released on Netflix this Autumn, stills have been released to give us a tiny little taster and they look just as you might expect them; classy, subdued and oddly beguiling.

Yeah I’ll probably watch it.

Images via Netflix