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The Harry Potter Studio Tour Will Be Fully Dedicated To Slytherin Next Year


The Harry Potter Studio tour will be fully dedicated to Slytherin next year- We could all actually be envisioning what house we'd be arranged into on the off chance that we'd showed up at Hogwarts with Harry Potter and co - and presently Slytherins will get their day.

Warner Bros Studios have declared there will be a visit devoted to the house known for its cleverness and desire one year from now.

Three slytherin members ready for a fight
Three slytherin members ready for a fight

Indeed, from Friday the third of April to Sunday the sixth of September 2023 the studio visit will be devoted to everything Slytherin (from Slytherin common room tour, Slytherin pride week to warner bros Slytherin robe exhibition only if you are lucky enough).

As per the Warner Bros site, the Great Hall will be decked out in Slytherin tones to commend the house's triumph of the House Cup as the Harry Potter Studio tour will be fully dedicated to Slytherin next year.

Visitors will partake in a fantastic blowout and unique standards from the film suspended from the charming roof.

After this, the Studio Tour will uncover the insider facts behind the ensembles and props having a place with the vilest of Hogwarts houses.

In the books, composed by J.K. Rowling, Slytherin was established by Salazar Slytherin and has many connections to dim sorcery.

Slytherin was said to have created numerous Dark witches and wizards. The Head of Slytherin is Severus Snape, Harry's chief foe in the books.

Slytherins are known for being sly and aggressive, despite the fact that having delivered numerous Dark witches and wizards is additionally known.

Grown-up Tickets for the Studio Tour start at £47 and you can book them ahead of time here.

Slytherin badge on a black robe
Slytherin badge on a black robe

One more interesting involvement with the studios coming up for Christmas is 'Supper in the Great Hall'.

Precisely the way that it sounds, somewhere in the range of ninth and eleventh December, visitors will get the opportunity to eat in the Great Hall, changed for the merry season.

Studio room tour of Slytherins
Studio room tour of Slytherins

It doesn't come in that frame of mind at £240 per head.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, based at the studios in Leavesden, first opened in 2012.

In 2017, Warner Bros uncovered the visit in light of the creation of the Harry Potter films had produced £337 million of income since opening its entryways.

People Also Ask

What Age Is Harry Potter Studio Tour Suitable For?

The Studio Tour is appropriate for all ages and youngsters matured four and under can visit for nothing, in spite of the fact that they will require a ticket. All youngsters should be joined by a grown-up (matured 16 and over).

How Long Does The Harry Potter Studio Tour Take?

The typical visit to the Studio Tour endures roughly three and a half hours, despite the fact that there is no restriction forced on your time at the fascination.

Can You Be Late For Harry Potter Studio Tour?

You are approached to show up at the Studio Tour no later than 20 minutes before your Allocated Entry Time in spite of the fact that you won't be permitted admittance into the Studio Tour before your Allocated Entry Time. Guests who miss their Allocated Entry Time are not ensured section to the Studio Tour.


Visitors will be welcomed at the Warner Bros studio, as the Harry Potter Studio tour will be fully dedicated to Slytherin next year, with welcome beverages and canapés prior to partaking in a two-course merry supper. Having Christmas supper and drinking Butterbeer - genuinely what could be better?

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