Grab your biggest cushion to hide behind, as Netflix have released The Haunting of Bly Manor.

It’s by the same creators of the hit series The Haunting Of Hill House, and horror fans are excited.

The first series arrived in 2018 with such a buzz and people binge-watched the lot within hours. The wait is over for another part, with the gothic horror of The Haunting Of Bly Manor set to terrify people all over again.

It’s not a sequel as such, as creator Mike Flanagan wanted to make an anthology series along the lines of American Horror Story.

The latest installment is adapted from Henry James’ classic Victorian ghost story The Turn Of The Screw. 

Bly Manor features a young American nanny called Dani who takes a job looking after two posh orphans in the English countryside. So far, so creepy.

She soon makes friends with the staff: housekeeper Hannah (played by T’Nia Miller) cook Owen ( played by Rahul Kohli)  and gardener Jamie (played by Amelia Eve).

It all seems OK to start with, and Dani even quite likes life on the sprawling estate and doesn’t miss her old faster-paced life.

Dread soon sets in, and following several terrifying incidents, her mental health begins to unravel.

Fans are excited.

Are you brave enough to watch?


Image via Alamy