The Haunting Of Bly Manor will have two returning characters from The Haunting Of Hill House.

Yeah remember that? You all loved it. It’s back!

Here’s a little peak behind the curtain for all you hungry devils out there; back when The Haunting of Hill House was still fresh on everyone’s minds, it was one of our biggest traffic drivers. Anything article-worthy and I was straight on it. There’s a ghost lurking in the background of this particular scene? Why not? Someone off Reddit has noticed that the stair banisters change colour according to what Olivia has for breakfast? Sure.


I don’t even like horror but I really came to miss the show in its downtime. I’m a slave to content.

But like I say, after the terrific success of the first season, Netflix have decided that they enjoyed people paying to watch it, consequently signing director Mike Flanagan and production partner Trevor Macy on for a multiyear deal.

However, not all is as it seems, as though the new season will be sort-of a sequel, it’s not going to have the same name or the same cast (bar two).


By now, we all know that Olivia Crain took her own life and moved on to haunting her own family, so you’d have thought that her little arc would have been over, but no…

Carla Gugino – the actor behind the role – said in an interview with The Wrap that she was in talks to return for season two. She explained:

Well, I can’t say anything definitive at this point, other than Mike [the show’s creator] and I really love collaborating and working together and any opportunity where a schedule allows for us to do that, we will, and I would be honoured to. We’re talking a lot about it and we’ll just see if all schedules allow. All I can say is I’m very excited for Season 2 and to see what Mike does.


Alongside that, Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Luke Crain) gave this little teaser about him returning for Bly Manor, saying that he’d “get shot” if he confirmed anything. He said:

I will get shot if I ever answer that question [returning to the show]. I would love to answer that question. All I can say is that Bly Manor is going to be incredible. It’s a very, very exciting story, from what I’ve heard.

So far, the show has been slated for a 2020 release, although no solid dates have been cemented in.


A little fun tidbit though is that Mike Flanagan revealed Bly Manor will have plenty more ghosts, more so than Hill House. Lovely.

I sat next to a man watching The Haunting Of Hill House on a train once. He genuinely would not stop jumping. Just watch something else for now, maybe? He kept nudging me by accident and quietly yelping.

None of that, please.

Images via Netflix