Social Media Has Flippin’ Had It With This Guy’s Tuna Pancakes

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Published 25.02.20

The internet is going flippin’ mad over this guy’s fishy choice of pancake topping

He caused the same level of chaos last Pancake Day, FYI.

You’d think he’d single handedly caused Armageddon.

Right now, most of you are probably munching down on pile of delicious fluffy pancakes coated with lemon and sugar, or maybe even a dollop of Nutella, to celebrate Shrove Tuesday otherwise known as Pancake Day. If you’re more of a savoury kind of hun like me, then you’ve probably opted for a stack of pancakes stuffed with ham and cheese, or maybe bacon, eggs and sausages. F*ck yes. Delish and oh so normative.

Then there are people who enjoy sending social media into total f*cking anarchy on Pancake Day by posting snaps of their somewhat alternative pancake toppings – liked canned tuna.

Seriously. Social media has basically declared the guy a homicidal pancake maverick.

Sports presenter and commentator Ian Abrahams – aka TalkSport’s Moose – posted the following image to his Twitter page earlier today with the caption:

“Happy Pancake Day – Ready to make breakfast, Tuna Pancakes.”

It somehow seems even more offensive now you have a visual, doesn’t it?

It’s ‘s the combo of all three that’s really floored me: pancakes, tuna AND breakfast.

I shouldn’t really judge people’s breakfast habits, tbh; I sometimes put ice cubes in my cereal to keep the milk cold and I’ve genuinely been called a “monster” for it.

But still – this just seems too fishy.

And it’s fair to say that the internet is having absolutely none of it.

Once social media user commented:

“what the hell is wrong with you man!!!!!”

Another tweeted:

“Alexa…show me the worst kind of pancake please.”

Some guy just said:


Another wrote:

“You belong in a cage.”

F*cking hell.

I told you the internet wasn’t happy. God, please don’t tell them about my cereal choices.

Then of course, there are the GIFs.

You get the idea. But one more.

This isn’t actually the first time Abrahams has wound social media up with his fishy concoction. He posted the following image last year with the caption:

“Pancake Day tomorrow, can’t wait for my usual breakfast of Pancakes with Tuna – delicious.”

Wait… so this is an every day thing?!

Let’s all just agree to stay off social media next Pancake Day, now we know what’s coming, yeah?

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. 

Images via Twitter/@BroadcastMoose