On 22nd September, the National Hurricane Centre declared that Tropical Storm Karen is coming from the Atlantic Ocean, heading towards Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Forecasters are telling citizens to expect heavy rain, flooding, and strong winds.

They couldn’t have chosen a more unfortunate name, though. The internet has taken the news lightly, with jokes of “I want to speak to the manager” Karen.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, here’s the lowdown.


‘Karen’ is the universally understood term for those white baby boomers who are ready to scream and make a scene with the smallest of complaints at restaurants/shops and supermarkets. Karen also always seems to have the same haircut with Urban Dictionary referring to a “Karen”as “44. mother of three. blonde. owns a volvo. annoying as hell. wears acrylics 24/7. currently at your workplace speaking to your manager.”

When ‘Karen’ was trending on Twitter, people at first assumed that it was just a general Karen getting themselves into trouble. Until they read into it and found out Karen was a literal storm.


Maybe they named it Storm Karen on purpose because of its path of destruction. Or maybe it was the first name they thought of beginning with K. I guess we’ll never know.


In all seriousness though, Storm Karen is a potentially dangerous situation. It’s forecasted to bring heavy rain, flooding, mudslides, and strong winds as it approaches Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands.

We hope that everyone stays safe during the storm, especially the managers Karen will destroy in its path.

Images via Twitter