Jason Momoa Super Bowl advert. You hear that and you think it could be something about Aquaman or, I don’t know, Dune, but no, not even close.

Who’d have thought that in an ad spot that had the likes of the Disney+ Marvel shows, No Time To Die, Black Widow and more advertised, we’d all be talking about a mortgage company? Not me, but then again I forgot that the Super Bowl was happening.


This comes after the Jason Momoa Super Bowl advert for Rocket Mortgage had a lot of people feeling pretty uneasy, with the Hawaiian actor shedding his muscles and hair and what I’m sure you can imagine was pretty viscerally unpleasant.

jason momoa super bowl advert

Look, I’m not saying that skinny bald guys shouldn’t be allowed on TV (I’m one of those things), but when you come to know and love an actor for his handsome good looks – as well as his charisma – it’s understandably a bit of a system shock when he drops one of those things.



I still refuse to believe that Sean Connery was wearing a wig in his James Bond films, and I don’t even like him as a person.

Have a watch of the ad…


Jesus. Real weird.


A nice little cameo from Lisa Bonet at the end though, spotting Jason as he struggles to benchpress the bar.

It’s a good advert, I’ll give them that. The sort of advert that makes me consider getting a mortgage.

Hahahaha only joking. I’m 23 and London-based. I will never ever get on the property ladder.

The Twitter response was as you’d expect…




I’m actually like the opposite of that, if you were wondering.


I get home, take all of my compression gear off and, well, you get it. I’m a big bloke. Very virile.

Why do I do it? It’s enough that I write for The Hook. If I did that and looked like The Rock’s older and cooler brother (but with great hair), that would be impossibly unfair on the rest of mankind.

I do it for you, fellas.

Images via Rocket Mortgage