When I read this, I really struggled to contain my nostalgic excitement.

I really couldn’t help but be transported back to a time when I were only a wee nipper and totally enamoured by Littlefoot and his dinosaur pals as they adventured together in search of the Great Valley.

For those of us who remember the days of sitting three inches from the box, completely glued to the screen whilst the VHS tape whirred on in the background, you’ll probably be as delighted as me to discover the classic adventure movie has now returned to Netflix to relive the dino escapades all over again.

And for those of you who are just too young to recall it, the story follows an orphaned brontosaurus who had he remained alone was set to face many obstacles in his life.

But as luck would have it, Littlefoot was blessed with a helping hand from four other dinosaurs who taught him how to survive with a little help from friends.


The animation was originally released way back in 1989 directed by the legendary Don Bluth and has an average 7.4 star rating on IMDb.

It also holds a 72% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes as well as a 79% audience score, which is pretty damn good.

Directed by Don Bluth with a screenplay by Stu Krieger, Judy Freudberg and Tony Geiss, The Land Before Time features the voices of Gabriel Damon (Littlefoot), Candace Hutson (Cera), Judith Barsi (Ducky) and Will Ryan (Spike).

If, like me, you loved this as a kid and now have your own offspring to entertain, it;s definitely one to add to the stream list to keep the little ones occupied for an hour or so during lockdown.

Just be prepared to have it on repeat though, as it’s a story that never gets old.