The Love Island Reunion Show Was Pure Cringe And They Should Scrap It Off

Sofi SheppardSofi Sheppard in Entertainment
Published 05.08.19

Whether we’d like to admit it or not we’re all at least a little bit interested in that show about an Island that helps find you love…apparently. Love Island conquered the nation firstly in 2015 and has continued to become a social phenomenon every summer since.

At the end of each season there’s the highly anticipated Reunion show that takes place just under a week after the live final.


It allows viewers to see the Islanders in the ‘real’ world and shows them attempting to adjust their relationships to life outside the villa. Whilst we were all feeling a little nosey about what this past week has been like for the finalists, after leaving their home for the last two months, the nation sat down in front of the tele, a fresh cuppa in hand, ready to get the goss on the UKs latest Z-listers.

Well I “C-A-T-E-G-O-R-I-C-A-L-L-Y” wish I hadn’t tuned in. The only word to describe this year’s Reunion show was CRINGE! Nobody really had a clue on how to act or what to reply to the awkward questions that were being asked.

From Anton being questioned on his recent (unnecessary) Instagram activity of unfollowing Molly-Mae, to Anna and Jordan’s anticipated, yet completely cringeworthy interview after their explosive argument/break-up/departure from the villa (yikes, they say things come in three’s) and Lucy’s controversial like on Instagram of a comment about the potential romance between her and fellow Islander Tommy Fury. You get the gist, it was bad.


Then there were the terribly long pauses where no one had an answer for host, Caroline Flack, who tended to ask the questions to the camera instead of facing the interviewee.

Voiceover narrator Iain Stirling didn’t make the show any easier to watch, as at some points his attempts to be funny did not pay off and I found it rather annoying in the end. Additionally, when some Islanders were reuniting with their ex-islanders, it was not all fake hugs and new friendships in all cases, but rather awkward tensions and “CHALDISH” behaviour, especially between Danny, Yawande and Arabella.


However, on the bright side, Love Island 2019 not only gave us entertainment at 9pm for the past two months, but a new slogan tee, stating this years catch-phrase “it is what it is” and it also gave us Ovie, Chris and Greg who single-handedly saved the show with their wit, charm and kindness, proving that chivalry is in fact, not dead.