Many are excited to see The Matrix franchise return with its original cast and it seems that the fourth film will arrive sooner than expected.

Countless big-budget films are currently being delayed because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some films are being released online, others are facing continuous push backs in the hopes of premiering at a theatre with a full audience. Contrary to this trend, Warner Bros. has announced that the fourth entry in The Matrix series will have its cinematic release brought forward.


The film has been brought forward by four months as it was originally intended for an April 1, 2022, release. As a result, fans of the series are beginning to celebrate.

It should be noted that other releases from Warner Bros. have been pushed back and this includes the highly anticipated Robert Pattison Batman. There are also concerns about whether these dates for upcoming features will be kept as the world and cinemas attempt to address the pandemic.

Nonetheless, many will hope that they can see The Matrix 4 on this new date as Keanu Reeves has told LADBible that the film is going to be “something special.”

Fans will be able to take the red pill again next year!


Image via Warner Bros.