The NHS Desperately Needs 250,000 Volunteers To Help Them Fight COVID-19

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford in News, UK
Published 24.03.20

The NHS is calling for 250,000 volunteers to help them fight COVID-19 as the government announces new coronavirus hospital

Remember, not all heroes wear capes.

Some are currently wearing pyjamas and scrolling through Social Laughs/The Hook articles (fair play).

Their hygiene is probably also quite questionable at this point “under the dome”, too – I can’t even smell myself anymore. How may days are we up to now? 

My point is, that hero could be you.

The NHS is in desperate need of our help and, as such, has appealed to members of the British public to step up and volunteer to help them in their bid to eliminate coronavirus from Britain.


Earlier today, health secretary Matthew Hancock announced plans for a 250,000-strong group of volunteers to help the NHS deal with the sheer weight of the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to a nationwide lockdown.


Mr Hancock addressed the nation during a televised news conference this afternoon:

“We are seeking a quarter of a million volunteers, people in good health to help the NHS, for shopping, for the delivery of medicines and to support those who are shielding to protect their own health.” 

Volunteers, however, must fit the following criteria:

  • Volunteers must be 18 or over and in good health, with no coronavirus symptoms.
  • Those in higher-risk groups (including those over 70, those who are pregnant or with underlying medical conditions) will only be able to offer support by telephone.
  • Patient transport driver volunteers will also require an enhanced DBS check and will receive guidance to do this role safely.


The NHS is looking for community response volunteers, patient transport volunteers and NHS transport volunteers. To learn more about these roles or apply to become an NHS volunteer responder right away, CLICK HERE.

This call comes several weeks after the health secretary appealed for any recently retired NHS staff to return to the service to assist the cause that is grappling the nation, and indeed, the world.


Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

Mr Hancock also announced that a new hospital will open at London’s Excel Centre next week. The pop-up hospital will be able to hold approximately 4,000 people.

Go on. Trade those manky pyjamas for some sexy scrubs, heroes. Your NHS needs you right now.


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