The PlayStation 5 seems to be keeping a competitive price after the reveal of the Xbox Series consoles, but there may be a limited supply.

The next generation of consoles is highly anticipated as they are set to push new technological boundaries for home consoles. The price of the PlayStation 5 has been kept largely quiet but Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Masahiro Wakasugi has offered insight into what consumers can expect. Wakasugi believes that the standard PlayStation 5 model will be $449 which equates to around £400 and the digital offering could be available for as little as £350.

PlayStation 5 may be affordable However, not all the news about the console is good. There may be a limited supply and according to a Bloomberg report, the console will release 11 million units rather than the expected 15 million. With that said this is still a greater launch supply than the previous generation. The company is interestingly attempting to battle shipment restrictions to get the consoles to consumers and have enlisted the help of air freight transportation rather than the traditional method of shipping.

It seems that Sony is attempting to get consoles to consumers as quickly as possible but the global pandemic has impacted production. Nonetheless, many will be pleased with the low price that undercuts the Xbox Series X.

Sony is expected to release the official price and release date for the PlayStation 5 September 16.