We all know that one person who is obsessed with cats.

They have 3 or 4 of the sassy little furballs, have a cat bag, covered in cat hair all over their clothes and most importantly have pictures of their cats doing mundane things like sleeping and looking blankly into the distance.

Well for your one crazy cat lady friend, if you live in the Manchester and Salford a dream opportunity might have arrived.


The RSCPA in Manchester and Salford are looking for volunteers to help with cats, rabbits and other small animals. The centre, which opened its doors on 15 July,  has been quickly filling up over the two-weeks it has now been open with a large variety of animals and they need volunteers at the centre to cater to rescued animals.

The charity has already taken in 31 cats and kittens, 49 rabbits, five mice and one hamster are currently advertising for 14 volunteering slots which includes roles such as cleaning, feeding, meeting potential adopters and most importantly…playing and cuddling with the cats.


Posting the volunteer roles on Facebook, the centre promised that “tea, biscuits and lots of cuddles await!”

Our updated list of current voluntary roles for the centre is now available! Shhh… there's some cat cuddling slots…….

Posted by R.S.P.C.A Manchester & Salford Branch on Saturday, July 27, 2019

While playing and cuddling cats as a job role seems too good to be true, playing and cuddling cats is very important for their futures. Socialising with the animals makes them more adoptable as more people will be drawn to them and they will more likely to find their furever home.

However, according to Susie Hughes branch manager of RSPCA Salford, the roles of “cat cuddler” and rabbit socialisers” are “massively oversubscribed” for the time being so maybe put those retirement plans on hold in the means time.


Of the bunny one, RSPCA Manchester and Salford say: “Bunnies love company and many enjoy a good cheek rub or use you as a fun climbing frame delivering treats.” We’re sure we can assist.

For the cat role, the advert reads: “Sit and fuss feelines whilst they wait for their new homes,” but adds this one is likely to be most popular – so act fast!

Nevertheless, the RSPCA is still looking for a wide selection of voluntary roles including small animal care assistant, receptionist and home visitors to assess potential adopters.

If you are interested in the positions, please contact [email protected] or call 0161 737 6600. You’ll then need to fill out an application for and complete some online training.

Dream jobs do exist.

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