The first volume of Unsolved Mysteries fascinated viewers as unexplainable phenomenons were detailed from across the world and the second season looks set to do the same.

It has been announced that Unsolved Mysteries has returned to Netflix and the docu-series has come just before Halloween when its creepy tales can have the most chilling impact.

The announcement has been accompanied by details of the episodes that will feature and the titles are as enigmatic as fans might expect.

Despite the content of the season being largely unknown, fans appear to be excited at the new mysteries that will be detailed.

Viewers who have already seen episodes appear to be enchanted by the enigmatic retellings and there are already posts about some of the more haunting episodes.

These mysteries will likely play on the minds of viewers throughout the spooky season and will undoubtedly lead to conspiracy theories and deeper conversations from audiences.

Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 is on Netflix now. 

Image via Alamy