London’s Underground signs are iconic around the world, and Oxford Circus is a major tourist hotspot.

The classic iconography of the underground sign has been updated to promote the launch of the new Sony Playstation 5 that comes out tomorrow, November 19.

Sony and Transport For London commissioned A.J. Wells and Sons, the company based on the Isle Of White who are responsible for most of the underground signage.

They created four giant illuminated signs in the shape of the PlayStation console buttons.

The new signage replaces the four signs at each of the exits at Oxford Circus.

It was a stealthy job to install the new signage, as the triangle, circle, cross and square were put up overnight on Tuesday.

If you want to see them you’ll need to be quick as they’ll be up for just 48 hours.

After this, they’ll be taken to Sony’s London headquarters for permanent display.

Many people have has their hopes dashed recently by a very convincing PS5 filter on Snapchat and Instagram, that makes it look like a box for the console is in the photo.

Numerous people have pranked loved ones, convincing them they’ve bought them the new PS5 – only for them to find out it was fake.

Will you be getting one?


Image credit: Twitter/@CianOMahony