‘The Simpsons’ Is Finally Coming To An End, Says Show’s Composer

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, Film, TV
Published 28.11.19

The only thing The Simpsons is good for these days is ‘predicting’ stuff.

And even that is a complete nonsense – they don’t predict anything.

Do you remember that thing in the news when some town stole their neighbouring town’s lemon tree and the local kids went to steal it back? No?


What about when the 10-year-old boy prank called some kid in Australia, which ended up creating somewhat of a stir down under, with the boy having to go to Australia to publicly apologise by being kicked in the arse?

Me neither.

Well that’s because those things didn’t happen, it’s just that in the million episodes they’ve done, they’re bound to hit on certain aspects of real life.

Anyway, the point is that nobody really watches The Simpsons these days as it’s been surpassed by far greater animations like Rick And Morty, BoJack Horseman and of course, the king of them all, South Park.


With that in mind, it’s perhaps not that surprising that the show may be coming to an end soon.

Danny Elfman, the man behind the long-running animated show’s theme tune, made the admission in a new interview.

“Well, from what I’ve heard, it is coming to an end,” he told Joe, adding: “I don’t know for a fact, but I’ve heard that it will be in its last year.”

The Simpsons, created by Matt Groening, began in 1989 and recently began its 31st season, although, again, nobody really cares now.


Elfman went on to express his surprise at the show’s popularity.

He continued: “All I can say is that I’m so flabbergasted and amazed that it has lasted as long as it did.

“You have to realise, when I scored The Simpsons, I wrote this crazy piece of music, and I expected no one would hear it, because I really did not think the show had a chance in hell.

“Really, I expected it would run for three episodes and get cancelled, and that would be that, because it was so weird at the time, and I just didn’t think it had a chance. So believe me, that is one of the truly big surprises in my life.”

I may have been a little harsh. The Simpsons is and always will be a cultural phenomenon.


But South Park is way better.

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