The Simpsons have done it again, as fans are claiming that the beloved US cartoon predicted Kamala Harris becoming Vice President. 

Yesterday (Jan 20), Kamala D. Harris was sworn in as the first female, Asian-American, black Vice-President, just before President Joe Biden was sworn in. 

Fans are claiming that the Simpsons already predicted this monumental moment, and that Harris’ future had already been set in cartoon way before she even won the presidential campaign alongside Biden. 

No, the Simpsons did not actually have Kamala Harris written into their storyline. However, as always, there are some VERY interesting parallels between a certain Simpsons episode and Kamala’s fate. 

Hear us out…in 2000, an episode called Bart To The Future was aired. In this episode, Lisa becomes the first female President of the United States taking over from … *hold your breath*  DONALD TRUMP. It’s destiny right? 

Kamala may not actually be the President, but she is the Vice President, and that’s close enough.

After all, Matt Groening probably didn’t want to give it all away!

So Lisa becomes the first female president, following on from Mr Trump. So what? That’s not enough scope to suggest the Simpsons actually predicted Kamala Harris becoming president, is it?

Wrong –  there’s more. What has been catching fans eyes is the outfit Vice President Harris wore at yesterday’s inauguration. Take a look: 

She looks amazing. Dressed in a purple top, with a matching purple jacket, and a pearl beaded necklace and earrings.

So What? We’ll tell you what.

Take a look at Lisa in the episode in question: 

Spooky right? It is the exact same outfit. 

Fans on twitter are drawing out the similarities, just in case you don’t see it yet. 

One fan wrote: “Kamala Harris really is Lisa Simpson and i’m all for it”



Another posted two pictures of Kamala and Harris side by side, so you can see for yourself how The Simpsons really did predict the future. 



And one more wrote what we’re all thinking: “ Someone in the simpsons has a f***ing time machine I swear”



So there you have it. The Simpsons creators are time travellers, and there is no doubt about it.

Images via Alamy/Disney