The Simpsons have predicted a number of the world’s most disastrous events, and yesterday’s violent storming of the US Capitol is no exception.

Fans have claimed that a 1996 episode showed the horrific event – where four people died – as Donald Trump supporters had attacked the US Capitol with guns.

Of the four fatalities, one was a woman who was shot dead by police during clashes inside the building, in scenes described as “as close to a coup attempt this country has ever seen”.

The National Guard had to be called to restore order and an improvised Explosive Device (IED) was found on the grounds of the US Capitol, as President-elect Joe Biden described the horrifying scenes as an “insurrection”.

Fans of The Simpsons highlighted that the show writers have yet again made a creepily accurate prediction. However, the worst could be set to come during Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

In the episode The Day the Violence Died, the Simpson kids’ favourite cartoon is replaced by another show which depicts violence, guns and even a bomb on the steps of the US Capitol.

The scene, which is a pardoy of Schoolhouse Rocks!’s ‘I’m Just a Bill’ segment, shows a talking amendment with arm and legs being ratified.

But after being told he has become part of the Constitution, the amendment yells “door’s open boys”.

Other amendment characters then start cheering as they run up the stairs wielding guns, while one is even seen holding a bomb.

Some of the depictions are eerily similar to the real life people that were seen storming the building yesterday.

One moustached character wearing a cowboy hat holds a hand gun, while another in a deerstalker hat carries a rifle over his shoulder.

There was an even more devastating depiction of Capitol building violence in the 1999 episode Beyond Dlunderdome, where Homer and Mel Gibson directed a new version of the film Mr Smith Goes to Washington.

Mel Gibson’s characters starts shooting fellow congressman before blowing up the building in shocking scenes that thankfully were not repeated in real life.

From the 9/11 tragedy to Donald Trump’s shock presidency, the show’s writers have created scenes in the show that spookily go on to mirror real life.

Image via Fox