The Sims 4 Is Free To Download And You Can Keep It Forever

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Gaming
Published 23.05.19

EA’s actually letting people play something for free. That is totally unheard of.

That’s right, Sims 4 is now free to download and play all the way up until the 28th of May. Get your fill while you can.

When I was a little sprog playing Sims 2, I used to just make my guys woohoo all of the time. Constant woohooing. In the hot tub, in the bed, in a changing room in one of those weirdly laid out shops that you could go to. Lots and lots of woohoo.


I even tried to find a way – a cheat code perhaps – to get them to woohoo without the obscuring duvet or hot tub bubbles. There is a way, I found out quite recently on YouTube, but I never managed to find that when it mattered to me.

Very horny young man, apparently.

Where was I? Oh yeah you can play Sims 4 for free, as advertised by this tweet from their official account…

They then added:

Once you download The Sims 4 Standard Edition Game during this promotional period it’ll be yours to keep forever.

Very nice of them.

Bloody @umokandy wasn’t happy about it…

@Aquacurl was though…

Sort of evens it out, really.


E wam nib frabanage, as my Sim would say after his 20th consecutive shag. E wam nib frabanage.

Images via EA