‘The Sinner’ Is Getting A Third Season And Here Are The First Plot Details

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 05.08.19
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It takes a lot for me to get into a Netflix show and by that I mean I barely watch anything.

I’m a busy person and between sleeping, working and watching football I have very little time for anything else. I do have a girlfriend too but when it comes to watching stuff she always wants to put on shows like Getting Back With The Ex and Celebs Go Dating. She’s a bit ditzy but me likes her.

It turns out, though, that there is a foolproof way of getting me hooked on a show: Jessica Biel.

She’s one of those actresses I’ve always been aware of but never truly appreciated how good (and yeah, attractive) she is. Plus I always get her mixed up with Jennifer Garner and Hilary Swank.

They’re like the same person.

Nevertheless The Sinner was brilliant when it first dropped on Netflix albeit the Biel-less follow-up was pretty disappointing.

But if you’re a fan of both I bring you good news – it’s been renewed for a third season.

That’s right, Detective Harry Ambrose will be back on the case for more action and he’ll be joined by American Horror Story star Matt Bomer.

Bomer will be playing Jamie, a Dorchester resident and expectant father who looks to Bill Pullman’s Dt. Harry Ambrose for support in the wake of an accident.

About joining the show, Bomer recently tweeted:

“Words can’t really explain the excitement I feel getting to be a part of a show that I’m such a fan of, not to mention working with this incredible cast. Also: it’s really nice to be coming home to @USA_Network – can’t wait!

Apparently, the new chapter “follows Detective Harry Ambrose as he begins a routine investigation of a tragic car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester, in upstate New York.

“Ambrose uncovers a hidden crime that pulls him into the most dangerous and disturbing case of his career.”

Oh and Jessica Biel – who was nominated for an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and Critic’s Choice Award for her part in season one – will be an executive producer on the third series.

Happy days!

Biel previously said she feels “a lot of relief” to have left her tortured character Cora behind her, but refused to rule out returning on-screen at some point in The Sinner‘s future.

“The answer is I don’t know. It could be possible,” she said last season. “But I’m not sure, I’m not sure it will ever happen.”

Pretty please?

As I said the second season was a bit of a damp squib but then again so was True Detective’s and the third season of that was awesome.

Rachel McAdams was in the second season of that if I remember correctly. God she’s another one I get mixed up with. These women are all the same!!

The Sinner is available to stream on Netflix right now with season three coming to the USA Network sometime in the future. In case you were wondering.

Images via Netflix/USA Network