The new and improved Sonic is here in the new trailer for Sonic and it’s so much better than the first one we got.

I’ve got to say, I think the hate for the first design of the movie Sonic got out of hand. I wasn’t a fan, but I think they were pretty unlucky to have just come after Detective Pikachu, with how much everyone loved that little guy.


It seemed pretty obvious that hardly anyone was going to like Sonic’s new look, so it was a weird choice for Paramount to decide on that one in the first place.



The Twitter response was pretty damning, condemning the blue hedgehog for his small feet, small, gloveless hands, separate eyes and weirdly muscular and proportioned body.

With that, in a fairly shocking move, Jeff Fowler, the director, tweeted that the studio vowed to redesign Sonic to please the fans…



This was generally pretty good news for fans, but a few people accused Paramount of doing this for somewhat nefarious reasons…

Their thoughts were that Sonic was purposely designed badly in order to open up a public discussion – one much bigger than if he had a fan-pleasing design – which acts as a more or less free advert for the film.

Nonetheless, the redesign went ahead and for the first official time, we get to have a look. It’s way better…


Fans are a lot happier…




I’m just not a fan of how possessive and weird nerds get.

Images via Paramount