The Trailer For Netflix’s New Horror Series ‘Marianne’ Looks ‘Scarier Than The Conjuring’

Max JenkinsMax Jenkins in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 28.08.19

The trailer for Netflix’s New horror series ‘Marianne’ looks ‘scarier than The Conjuring’

For those who love the Conjuring franchise and consider it to be the scariest series ever made, you might need to think again. Netflix is set to release a new series that looks to be a big contender for the ‘F***ing Scary Why Did I Even Watch It’ Award 2019, a category that I find myself voting in regularly.

Netflix’s Marianne focuses on the experiences of novelist Emma (Victoire Du Bois) as she writes a book to protect her against an evil witch, Marianne Williamson, that has haunted her since childhood…

Joking I am. It’s not actually Marianne Williamson. Although you could argue there is something spooky about the way she breaks the fourth wall and talks to Trump during the Democratic debates …

Anyway, from the looks of the trailer, Marianne is a centuries-old monster who, despite appearing to have been dead and buried at some point in history, lives on in ghostly form to torment young Emma through visions of blood-stained corpses, Force-choking her friends and sneaking into her room late at night with a knife and a creepy chuckle.


What makes it even more intriguing is that Emma has actually made a profit from Marianne’s presence in her life, using her past experiences as source material for her novels.

It looks like Marianne isn’t very happy with that as she inhabits the form of an old woman to declare in the trailer: ‘I’m warning you, I will punish you, and I always keep my promises.’

The official synopsis reads:

Lured back to her hometown, a famous horror writer discovers that the evil spirit who plagues her dreams is now wreaking havoc in the real world.


I need to level with you: I hate horror films. I started referring to them as ‘radio plays’ after I went to see The Babadook and spent the majority of the film with my hood pulled down over my face, much to the amusement of my fearless friend Henry. Before that I had begrudgingly agreed to attend an after-school trip to see the first Conjuring film, if only because I didn’t want to appear a wimp to the girls and because my friend told me he’d seen it before and it was actually a dark comedy. But after about seven minutes of heightened tension and absolutely no comedy except the pitiful performance of Patrick Wilson, I knew I was doomed.


But it does seem that Marianne is too good a project to miss out on, even if you are a total wimp like me. With an original story by Samuel Bodin (of T.A.N.K and Lazy Company fame) and performances from acclaimed actors like Du Bois (who starred in Call Me By Your Name opposite Timothée Chalamet), fans of Netflix originals are desperate to get their hands on what Netflix claims is so terrifying that early viewers couldn’t make it all the way through without turning it off.

As of this morning, the trailer has reached an impressive 281,000 views on YouTube after dropping yesterday (August 27) to excitable comments from viewers. Quite a few are intrigued by the French setting and the Stephen King/Goosebumps vibe that has done the horror genre a good few favours the last couple of years.


As Marianne is an episodic series rather than a film, it looks like Emma’s feud with the monstrous Marianne will either continue over multiple seasons or follow a True Detective-style anthology route that deals with a different casts in a different setting.


If you’re a fan of The Haunting of Hill House, Marianne is sure to serve as a delicious appetiser while you wait for season 2. I’m interested to see whether these original horrors affect the concept of ‘Netflix and chill’ or give birth to a new trend, like ‘Netflix and thrill’ or ‘Netflix and run for your life before they kill again’ …

When does Marianne air?

Netflix’s new horror series Marianne drops on September 13th (which is a Friday, obviously).

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