If you’re a fan of Silence Of The Lambs, listen up because we’ve got good news for you.

 The first trailer for the TV sequel of the iconic horror has arrived. Called Clarice, the trailer is already terrifying fans who can’t wait for more.

Watch the trailer below:


Rebecca Breeds stars as Clarice in the new drama, set in 1993. Fans might recognise her from Pretty Little Liars. 

The new series features Clarice, a young FBI trainee, as she works to find serial killers and sexual predators. Life is made harder by trying to figure out the political world of Washington DC. It’s set a year after Thomas Harris’s original The Silence of the Lambs novel.

The trailer also shows other familiar characters from the film. Starling’s FBI colleague Ardelia Mapp (Devyn Tyler) and kidnapping survivor Catherine Martin (Marnee Carpenter) make an appearance.

CBS senior executive vice president Thom Sherman says: “All eyes will be on CBS for three consecutive Sundays in early 2021 with the broadcasts of the AFC Championship Game, the GRAMMY Awards, and Super Bowl LV.”

“These powerhouse events provide us with the perfect platforms to promote the February debuts of our captivating new drama, Clarice, and the return of the positive and heartfelt Tough As Nails, which had a very successful first season run that resonated with viewers over the summer.”

Can It Match The Original?

Jodie Foster played the iconic role of Clarice in Silence Of The Lambs, where she hunts a serial killer. The killer, “Buffalo Bill” skins his female victims. To track him down and figure out how Buffalo Bill thinks, Clarice is forced to turn to someone for help. Unfortunately, help is in the form of Dr. Hannibal Lecter,  an imprisoned psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer.

The film is still hugely popular and highly quoted today so fans are hoping that Clarice will live up to their love of the original film.

There’s already been another series based on the story, Hannibal, and it’s been hugely popular. That series starred Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal, and Hugh Dancy as FBI investigator Will Graham. It was cancelled after only three seasons, but it’s gained a cult following and critical acclaim.

Clarice premieres Thursday 11th February on CBS, but no date has been confirmed for the UK.
Images via Alamy & CBS