The Trailer For The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Dropped And The Reactions Pretty Much Sum It Up

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film, Netflix
Published 23.09.19

The trailer for the long-awaited and rumoured El Camino, the followup film to Breaking Bad has been released, and Twitter is mad for it.

Up until now, El Camino was the name of a Chevrolet model between the late 50s and late 80s and an album by The Black Keys, but now there’s a Breaking Bad sequel film with the same name.

I don’t know what it is about that car that seems to capture to imagination of fictional rural America, but didn’t Jason lee drive on in My Name is Earl too?


Right well that’s neither here nor there, as the trailer for the hugely anticipated and long-rumoured film sequel to Breaking Bad is here, and it’s almost exactly what we wanted it to be so far…


Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s onscreen chemistry (I refuse to acknowledge that pun) is what made the show great and left people desperate for more. Of course there’s Better Call Saul, which is fine, but it doesn’t quite have the same appeal as the the original series.

Now El Camino is here and while it’s not certain that Walter is back, that doesn’t stop people from speculating…




The hype is real…

What is El Camino about?

The plot points are scarce, but the general vibe is that El Camino follows Jessie Pinkman escaping and finding his way back home.

Although Walter White appeared to die at the end of the original series, a lot of people think that he could come back, potentially faking his death.

When is El Camino out?

The initial release of El Camino will be on the 11th of October, just over six years since the last episode aired to the public.

Will El Camino be on Netflix?

Yes! El Camino is a joint venture between Netflix and AMC, but if you don’t have Netflix, you’ll still be able to watch it.

El Camino will also be available in some cinemas, so the choice is yours…

Can’t wait!

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