The UK’s First Man To Give Birth Has Warned Others Against Doing The Same

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 08.11.19

22-year-old Hayden Cross has opened up about his experience of being the UK’s first man to give birth, and has warned others thinking of doing the same thing against it.

In 2017, the transgender man gave birth to his daughter, Trinity-Leigh, becoming the first UK man to do so and while things are largely fine for him now, he was presented with struggles and adversity at the time.


He did it as when he chose to transition, the NHS wouldn’t freeze his eggs on the off chance that he might have use for them in the future.

With that, Cross paused his transition and sought a sperm-donor on Facebook, which he found and subsequently became pregnant.

Speaking on ITV’S Lorraine, he said:

I don’t think I was ready at the time, 100 per cent but now everything’s just gone to plan, fell into place and getting on great.

I’m not going to lie it was really strange and there was a lot of emotions and a lot of feelings and I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it because it was really hard, but if you do make sure you seek the right support.


The NHS now actually support people with it.”

A relief for Cross, since giving birth frightened him, Trinity-Leigh was delivered via C-section and is now a healthy toddler.

I’m happy and my daughter is happy and that’s all that matters. We’re really close to my mum as my mum had a little boy around the same time.

Our relationship is so much stronger now, I think it brought us together so it’s really positive.

Talking about the pregnancy itself, Hayden said:

It was a really big battle but it was a battle worth it.

I’ve had my top surgery done already and can have my bottom surgery when I’m ready.


I want to go back to work eventually I want to try and set up my own business so in the future I can pass it down to Trinity.

I need to make sure I’m living the right life and the good life for her.

Hayden was born as Paige, but is now living as a man, legally changing his name and gender. After the birth of his daughter, Hayden had the operation to remove his breasts.


He is now waiting until he is ready to have further surgery.

Images via ITV