An ad from last year that encouraged people to leave the arts and retrain for the technology sector has led to lots of hilarious memes.

The advert, issued by the government, encouraged a ballerina called Fatima to retrain for a job in cyber and given the current climate it has sparked outrage and hilarious memes. The original ad drew criticism because of its lack of awareness of what it takes to develop a profession in the arts.

Some were quick to note how many creative jobs were required to make the advert and noted the hypocrisy of the entire campaign.

On top of people noting the ridiculous nature of the advert and its request, many have found clever ways to poke fun at the current government by using the template.

Some took a more direct approach and aimed the concept as a whole.

After a cyber-attack took place in Hackney Twitter was keen to note that a vengeful Fatima may be the culprit.

Finally, some even found an opportunity to note the struggles of Arsenal FC’s mascot, Gunnersarus, who has lost his job.

The advert has been a great source of comedy, but some may feel that future government-supported initiatives are slightly more considerate.

Let’s hope more memes come from a cheerier situation!


Images via Twitter & Alamy