The Witcher Season 2 Given Go-Ahead To Start Filming Again

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, TV
Published 04.06.20

It’s hard to sink your teeth into a good fantasy series these days, with them either trying their hardest to be Game of Thrones or the graphics – of which there always are some – resembling a PS2 cutscene.

But then The Witcher came along and reminded people that fantasy isn’t all Wind in the Willows with added prophesies, leaving people eagerly awaiting The Witcher season 2.

Sadly, coronavirus came along and immediately halted all production plans, with Netflix shutting down all projects around the world.

In an email to Deadline at the time, a close source reported on the drastic move.

“We have made the decision, effective immediately, to pause production for two weeks during this difficult time…this will allow everyone the time to make informed decisions about how to move forward.”

Continuing, they added:

“The Coronavirus has raised challenging issues for everyone working on set on productions for Netflix. We are very grateful for all the work everyone has done to keep cast and crew safe during this pandemic.”

However, the Guardian are reporting that producers of Hollywood blockbusters including The Batman and the next Fantastic Beasts film, as well The Witcher, have been given the go-ahead to restart filming after the UK government and health bodies signed off on new coronavirus safety rules.

The culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, said: “We’ve worked hard to support the industry through these difficult times and I’m delighted we’ve been able to agree this step forward towards getting the cameras rolling safely again.”

Other filming set to commence will include Peaky Blinders and Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid – subject to strict guidelines drawn up by the British Film Commission and the British Film Institute.

Their source added: This is a green light that signals that the UK is open for business again for film and high-end TV production. Many productions have to get up and running again in the next two months or they won’t get made this year as they rely on summer weather and conditions.”

So, what do we know about season 2?

Henry Cavill will return as Geralt of Rivia, obviously, and he will be joined by Anya Chalotra, as sorceress Yennefer, Freya Allen as Ciri and Joey Batey as Jaskier.

There will be new characters though, played by the stellar likes of Paul Bullion (Peaky Blinders) as Lambert, Yasen Atour (Young Wallander) as Coen, Aisha Fabienne Ross (The Danish Girl) as Lydia, Agnes Bjorn (Monster) as Vereena, Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones) as Nivellen, Thue Ersted Rasmussen (Fast and Furious 9) as Eskel, and newcomer Mecia Simson as Francesca.

Furthermore, in an interview with Digital Spy, showrunner Hissrich hinted that things are set to intensify for Geralt and the gang in Season 2:

What I would say is that season 1 is very much about building blocks.

“It’s about constructing the world, and setting up these characters, and putting them on paths, and knocking those dominoes over.

“When you get to season 2, all of those things start to come to play, which is that characters start meeting each other – sometimes getting along, sometimes not.

“All those things that we set up – Geralt and Yennefer; Geralt and Ciri; Yennefer and Ciri; all of the different kingdoms that you just barely hear about in season one, start rising to the surface in season 2.

“So the storytelling is a little more intense in a way, and maybe a little more focused and driven in the journeys that we’re telling in season 2.”

Oh, and did you know the show is set to be seven seasons long?

Geralt’s back, baby.