There Was A Huge Mistake In The Ross And Emily Wedding Episode Of ‘Friends’

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Published 08.03.19
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Ross and Emily’s wedding is a sitcom episode that will go down in history as one of the biggest twists ever.

Absolutely no-one saw that coming, and the idea of Ross saying Rachel’s name at the alter was utterly inspired.

But something about that episode doesn’t seem right. There’s someone missing and we want to know why.

If you have a think about the guests you’ve got, obviously, Ross and Emily. They’re joined by Emily’s parents, Ross’s parents, Chandler, Monica, Joey and later Rachel. There’s also a whole host of other people involved who we don’t really know.

Now, we know why Phoebe wasn’t there – being pregnant and all – but someone very close to Ross didn’t make an appearance…


Ross’s only son, Ben, didn’t show up to his dads wedding! What’s going on there?!

Apparently the producers just forgot to include him in the script but that’s a pretty big error to make?

I guess you could claim that Ross’s ex-wife, Carol, didn’t want her son to the constantly-changing marital status of his father in action, but that seems fairly weak.

Accidents happen, I suppose.

Not happy.

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