There’s A ‘Friends’ Version Of Cards Against Humanity Deck And It Looks Seriously Fun

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Published 11.04.19
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Two worlds have collided: A Friends version of Cards Against Humanity is here!

We all love Friends, don’t we?

Even after all these years it’s still throwing up loads of fan theories and weird mistakes that barely any of us noticed the first time around. I guess part of that is down to Netflix, which has opened the show up to an even bigger audience – if that were possible – than ever before.

Now, I’m pretty sure there are a few Friends-related drinking games about – drink every time Ross gets divorced etc etc. – but now the debaucherous world of Cards Against Humanity has collided with our favourite sitcom to bring perhaps the greatest pre-night out game ever invited.

It’s Friends Cards Against Humanity!

Although it’s not an official CAH product, the fan-made, fill-in-the-blank card game was created by Etsy user DaisystoreGifts.

It’s called The One With All the Cards and it’ll set you back $36 – or just $6 as a printable download via a PDF. It comes with 99 grey cards and 180 white cards that all feature questions and answers based on some of the show’s most memorable plots and sayings.

“While there are sufficient cards to be played as a stand alone game, they are sized identically and can integrate hilariously into standard Cards Against Humanity decks,” the description reads.

Loads of people have been raving about it, with one person writing:

“Perfect gift for someone who loves Friends! They’re hilarious.”

Another added: So funny! Perfect for the ultimate Friends fan! Can’t wait to print them out and I like that it included blanks so we could add our own Friends quotes into the mix. Great price and great design!”

All I could think about when writing this was the game the gang plays for Monica’s apartment. If it’s anywhere near as tense as that then it’s a must-buy.

Alternatively, you could always get the Friends version of Monopoly.

It’s essentially the same as the original – with stops like Central Perk – and you get to play as one of the six characters with the different tokens.

Monica is a chef hat while Ross is obviously a dinosaur. There’s also Chandler’s sweater vest and Rachel’s handbag, while Phoebe’s guitar and Joey’s pizza. Perfect.

It’s on Amazon for just £21.99 – get it here.

Great time to be a Friends fan (it always is to be fair).

Images via Amazon/Etsy/DaisystoreGifts

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