There’s A New Grumpy Cat In Town And She Looks Perpetually P****d Off

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Published 05.06.20

There’s a new grumpy cat in town and by ‘in town’ I obviously mean ‘on the internet’.

Funny isn’t it? You get a cat, it looks pissed off and all of a sudden you’re rich. People just love a cat that’s really angry. They can’t get enough of them.

Previously the moniker of Grumpy Cat was held by feline called Tardar Sauce. Due to its underbite and dwarfism, it had a perpetual look of disdain on its face and that’s what made it such a star.

new grumpy cat

Sadly Tardar Sauce passed away earlier this year and the year before that the cat being groomed to take over – Loki the Sphinx – also passed away. Both cats were equally furious and both are greatly missed.

Kitzia is the new cat in question, who has over 53,000 followers on Instagram. Kitzia is based in Florida and owned by Ukrainian photographer Viktoriia Otdielnova, who really knows how to capture her angry side.

As Viktoriia has it, Kitzia is actually very sweet and loves a bit of a cuddle, but she can’t help but look like she’s genuinely mad because of her over-pronounced brow. I should start using that excuse.

Meanwhile, there’s another new grumpy cat in town, and this one is f*cking livid.

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Who else can relate to Juno’s mood today?

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That is to say that Juno only looks cross and is apparently very chill when you look passed its grumpy demeanour. His owner, Dominique Teta, explained:

Juno looks aggravated 95% of the time.

We think this is mainly down to his strange breed, because Juno is actually really chilled and not angry at all.

Juno is primarily a Himalayan mix – we believe his mum is a brown point Himalayan and his father we were told was half Himalayan and half Burmese.

We’re currently waiting on DNA results to specify this but I’ve known Juno since the day he was born, actually and I do find his story funny – he was the lone kitten in a litter, which is very unusual and completely unexpected“.

Look at him, he’s bloody furious. Inconsolable.

Face like a slapped arse. Like a bulldog chewing a wasp. A mad boy.

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