Line up your drink of choice and prepare to get quite drunk if you decide to play this new drinking game, inspired by the new hit Netflix series The Haunting Of Bly Manor.

Fans have been obsessed with the new series from the creators of The Haunting Of Hill House but noticed a certain phrase kept being used, by Flora in particular.

The rules are simple, take a shot whenever someone utters the phrase “perfectly splendid”.

Brace yourself.

The series is adapted from Henry James’ classic Victorian ghost story The Turn Of The Screw. It’s not a sequel as such but is part of the same world, similar to the American Horror Story anthology.

It seems fans need a touch of dutch courage to make it through the series, as there’s a second version of a drinking game too, involving ghosts.

Viewers discovered this week that the actress that plays Flora also voices a surprising cartoon favourite.

Lightweights beware, you wouldn’t make it through the first episode.


Images via Alamy