It’s an undisputed fact that Brits like a biscuit. The only thing we like as much is arguing about which biscuit is best, and if Jaffa Cakes are a biscuit or a cake.

Working from home seems to be getting to the better of us, with a distinct lack of coffee machine banter about which biscuit to dip in your beverage. You can rest easy now though as it’s been revealed today that Britain’s Favourite Biscuit is the trusty chocolate digestive.

After the shocking news about Jammie Dodgers this week, coming in at a respectable number 7 means many people should be stocking up.

Researchers asked 2,000 Brits to vote for their favourite biscuit, and a whopping 69% said chocolate digestives are the best. Controversially, Jaffa Cakes make an appearance at number 4. The Jaffa-Cakes-are-cakes brigade will have something to say about that.

Here’s the complete list:

1) Chocolate Digestive

2) Shortbread

3) Chocolate Finger

4) Jaffa Cake

5) Chocolate Hob Nob

6) Custard cream

7) Jammie Dodger

8) Maryland Cookie

9) Bourbon

10) Crunch Cream

11) Plain digestive

12) Viennese Whirl

13) Rich Tea

14) Ginger Nut

15) Hob Nob

16) Oreo

17) Malted Milk

18) Nice

19) Fig Roll

20) Garibaldi

How the Rich Tea scored higher than an Oreo or Hob Nob, nobody knows.

Do you agree with the rankings?

Images via Alamy