These Are The Top 10 Alien Conspiracy Documentaries You Should Watch Before Storming Area 51

Sophie WatsonSophie Watson in Entertainment, Film, TV
Published 25.07.19
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Area 51 is becoming one of the biggest mysteries of all time, along with where the hell I’ve put my keys. 

People believe the U.S government are hiding something within the highly classified facility, but is it aliens? Or is it just an overly large and scary looking bit of land, protecting Colonel Sanders secret recipe to finger licking goodness? Whatever it is, it’s being kept secret and over 3 million people are willing to risk their lives to find out.

We all love a good conspiracy – no matter how ludicrous and far-fetched it may sound – we’re all here for it and I’m sure our YouTube search history agrees. But if there’s one thing we love the most, its binge watching them into complete oblivion, to the point where we end up questioning everything in our lives. I mean, am I even real or just a simulation? Nope, just pinched myself – definitely real.

But since Area 51 has been at the front of everyone’s minds recently, (and at the top of everybody’s twitter feeds), I’ve found the top 10 biggest alien conspiracies you really need to watch:

1. Bob Lazar Area 51 & Flying Saucers (Netflix)

An American physicist, who claimed to have worked at a site a few miles from Area 51 named S-4, on extra-terrestrial technology in the 80s, is back to reveal all about his experiences with real alien technology. The things he claims to have seen is remarkable, but will the government stop him from speaking out? Dun dun dunnn.


2. Unacknowledged – An Expose Of The Worlds Greatest Secrets (Netflix)

Based on the brilliant book written by UFO expert Steven Greer, this documentary was made to expose the truth of whether aliens have visited earth. Witness accounts are essential to help craft evidence of extra-terrestrial contact.

3. Is Anybody Out There? Alien Life Documentary (YouTube)

The ambiguity of what the universe holds is enough to cause people like me a great deal of headaches. I mean, is the day we find out whether aliens exist getting any closer? Whilst you watch this to try and find out, I’m going to go and buy another pack of paracetamol.

4. Alien Autopsy – Fact Or Fiction? (Netflix/YouTube)

Prepare yourself for this one. It’s strange and rather puzzling to see what could be a legitimate alien autopsy from 1947 on your TV screen. Is it a hoax or is it the real deal? Either way, it’s a creepy looking thing. *Queue suspense music*

5. I Know What I Saw (Amazon Prime)

This is one very creditable investigation of UFO sightings by analysts, from combining interviews of people who reckon they’ve seen aliens. It all sounds very believable to me, so if it’s a load of bs they each deserve an Oscar.

 6. Patient Seventeen (Netflix)

A surgeon claims to remove implants of nano chips from humans which were (apparently) imbedded by aliens. I know, sounds pretty dodgy doesn’t it?

 7.  The Nimitz Encounters (YouTube)

This is a documentary based on a real-life encounter of a UFO flying over US fighter pilots of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group, said to have took place in 2004. Thirteen years later and this has only just been released to the public. Approximately the same time it takes for me to actually get out of bed in the morning.

8. World War A – When Aliens Attack (YouTube)

Have you ever wondered what might happen when/if aliens attack humanity? I mean, it’s often spoken about around the dinner table at my house (yeah, we’re a unique family shall I say) but I’m still curious as to how it will actually happen. This documentary gives us an insight into the possibilities

9. Alien Contact (Netflix)

Watching this made me realise we don’t have to just physically see aliens or UFO’s with our eyes to know they exist, we can also try to hear their signals by making use of our powerful and advanced technology. So, have aliens attempted to send messages to us?

10. The UFO Conspiracy (Amazon Prime)

Compelling and extraordinary, this exploration behind the masked truth of UFO’s, attempts to give humanity some clarity through the inclusion of eyewitnesses and video recordings of what is believed to be alien life.