We all like a pint, but few are as dedicated as this lot who found a loophole in lockdown restrictions.

The Irish group of friends purchased cheap flights so they could make the most of the bars at Dublin Airport.

Someone under the name of Davie Doran shared a photo on social media, writing: “When the pubs are closed and the only place serving is the airport, so you book a €9.99 flight (that you have no intention of getting on) to go for beers with the lads, down there for dancing.”

The Angry Bartender Ireland shared it on Facebook, captioning it: “Well ya have to give it to them for originality!

Credit: The Angry Bartender / Facebook

The post is now clocking up the likes, with commenters praising their ingenuity.

“You would want to be pretty desperate to go to these levels just for a few pints. Sad if you ask me. Six weeks without a pint isn’t going to kill ya.”

Others wondered how you would ‘get back out’ of the airport lounge, as someone else responded: Ya don’t that’s your home now!”

Another commenter was cross that one of the party had ordered a Guinness.

Can you blame them or do you think it’s sad?

Image via Alamy