These Rare Orchids Look Like They Have Cute Little Monkey Faces

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Published 11.10.19

Orchids have long been considered one of the most beautiful flowers, and they’re not usually cheap to buy either.

This rare breed of orchid, however, is giving us yet another reason to love the flower, as it appears to feature adorable monkey faces.


The Monkey Orchid, or more technically referred to as the Dracula Saulii, is native to the wild forests of South-Eastern Ecuador and Peru.

It is usually found in cloud forests a few thousand metres above sea level, and the extraordinary monkey-like feature on the face of the flower is created by unique blooms which are the result of the petals and stamens.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

You can see what appears to be a very life-like cheeky grinning monkey face among the plant’s petals, and it’s safe to say it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before.


Nothing like you’d get in good ol’ Britain anyhow- with our most prestigious flowers probably coming in the form of an M&S mixed bouquet for £25.

The term for the flower was coined by Carlyle A. Lueren in the late 1970’s, a botanist who quite literally named what he saw in this quirky little flower.


One of the main reasons we love a flower like the orchid is due to its pleasant, fragrant scent, and with this breed our senses would not be disappointed; it is said to produce a citrus-rich scent of ripe oranges once fully bloomed.

And if you’re a local to the regions of South-eastern Ecuador or Peru, you can see this flower virtually any time of the year, appearing at its best in the most humid times of the seasons.

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And, as you’d probably expect, these Monkey Orchids grow in a variety of colours, with each different colour making the monkey face stand out even more.


Presenting the Monkey Orchid – another contribution to the part of your mind reserved for all things procrastination…

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