These Self-Driving Wheelie Bins Take Themselves Out On Rubbish Day

Elisabeth ReeveElisabeth Reeve in News, World
Published 04.10.19

With the rise of the “Smart Home” it was inevitable that smart home devices would stretch from simple doorbells and light switches to our more distasteful chores.


I can’t be the only one who wakes up in the morning to the sound of bin men coming around before participating in the weekly morning ritual that I like to dub ‘Oh No I Forgot The Bins’, which includes the dash/stumble out of bed as you hurriedly throw on a dressing gown and odd shoes, only to realise that I was much too late.

Okay real talk though, ever since living away from home, I have always been the one to deal with the rubbish. Be it emptying the internal bins when they are very, very, clearly too full, to putting the large wheelie bins (yes, plural) out to the curb on bin day. It’s a tiring, nonsensical chore that no one wants to do but has to. So if you’re reading this, you’re probably on the same boat, well my fellow lazy people, rejoice; there is an invention for us.

All the way from the nation that is regarded to be the laziest in the world, an American engineer has created a self-driving wheelie bin that takes your rubbish out on bin day.


What is it?

Rightly named SmartCan, it promises to save their owners the weekly pain of lugging the rubbish out by doing it all for them.

“We want to help people eliminate unnecessary chores from their daily lives,” said Andrew Murray, the savior of lazy people and creator of the SmartCan and CEO of Rezzi, the company that is making it.

“We see an opportunity to really help alleviate the burden of the mundane physical tasks that everyone faces.”

The tech itself is a metallic base with a pair of motorized wheels, powered by AI, that your bin is placed on. The AI-powered wheels communicates with the accompanying app where users can set what day they want the rubbish taken out.


Homeowners then set the day they want their rubbish taken out on a downloadable app, also called SmartCan, and input the distance between the two docking stations, one near the home and the other by the road. After the bin is emptied, it automatically knows to return to the docking station at the user’s home.

According to the websiteA user can pair to his or her trashcan with a smartphone, set a date and take-out location, and the trashcan will take itself out on a regular specified interval.”

It also states it aims to provide a device similar to the Roomba, an intelligent hoover which navigates itself around your house, and relieve you of another chore ‘that everyone hates’.


Ever since the Gizmodo tweeted about the revolutionary invention, the internet has shown its many colours of feelings towards it as it usually does.

Some people decided to make some jokes:

Others pointed out the benefits of the invention:

And others made the obvious self deprecating jokes:


I’m sure that many more jokes will come from this. One thing I’d like to find out is if there is a way to track where your bin is in case your neighbour decides to steal your bin for the fourth time this month. However, it will be interesting to keep an eye on.

Anyways, time to hunt for my bin, again.

Images via SmartCan