Move over Big Brother, TikTok houses are what we should all be watching now.

It sounds too good to be true. However, teenagers really are earning ridiculous amounts of money, living in a house together to make content for video-sharing app TikTok. It’s the stuff of dreams for most kids who are huge fans of the social media platform.

The trend first started in the US, and there are dozens of content creator houses stateside featuring TikTok stars. There’s always plenty of drama, that makes Big Brother and Love Island look tame. It’s all documented in no more than 60 seconds on the app too, and it’s addictive.

Over in the UK, one of the highest-profile houses was The Wave House.

If you’re wondering what on earth this all means, we’ve got you covered.

What Is The Wave House?

The Wave House is the UK version of the TikTok content creator houses, such as The Hype House, Clubhouse and Sway House. The UK edition is a £5 million mansion in Essex, complete with a  pool, cinema room, jacuzzi, gym and enormous kitchen. Six content creators move in, hoping to find fame and fortune after the American equivalents rocketed the inhabitants to TikTok glory. The account soon reached 3.8 million followers, with more than 52.2 million likes on their 50 videos.


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Jidé Maduako, CEO of influencer network Yoke, explained at the time: ‘The whole idea is a place of work, but they do live there. The costs are all covered by the company, if they want to go home, they can. We’re essentially an influencer network and the whole aim of the house was professionalising TikTok and creating a professional environment for them to create content. The whole structure is you go away and you live there and focus on your craft and professionalise what you’re doing.’

Who Was In It?

Six British social media influencers entered the house. This included Spencer Elmer, Eloise Fouladgar, Jimbo H, Millie T, Kate Elisabeth and Carmie Sellitto. They’re all aged between 20 to 24 and come from London. They made quite the entrance into the house, including by helicopter, sat on a throne holding a Burmese python, and bursting through a print of the Mona Lisa. Another was, er, bathing in milk.  As you do.


First member revealed @eloisefouladgar Next reveal tomorrow… (1/6) 👀🌊 #fyp #foryou

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They varied from an influencer, to a boarding school girl, to a well-known YouTuber.

One of them, Carmie Sellitto, made his name from being involved in the James Charles (a famous make-up influencer) drama previously. Carmie claimed that Charles sent him messages and questioned his sexuality.

Sellitto told the DailyMail at the time: ‘He was flirty but didn’t say anything inappropriate. He kept telling me how I was the hottest guy he ever laid his eyes on.

‘A few days after we met I had to fly back to London. We stayed in contact for the next week or so, then I told him I didn’t want to lead him on. I told him I wasn’t gay.’

‘But James made me question myself. He asked me, “Are you sure you aren’t gay or bi? Are you sure?” I finally had to tell him again that I didn’t want to lead him on. I guess the bottom line is I wasn’t as interested in him as he was in me.’

Elsewhere, Vlogger Millie T boasts 1.2M subscribers on YouTube.

What Happened?

Many TikTok users were non-plussed about the house, saying they didn’t know who any of the inhabitants were. They made jokes saying they were just hoping for fame, and many comments are just asking who they are or saying they’d never heard of them. It looks like there was a possible falling out amongst the creators – but viewers are questioning whether even that was scripted.

One of the girls posted a video saying her mental health was the reason she left, however all of them left in quick succession after just three months.


I opened up about why I left the wave house…😳🥺 full vid in bio #fyp #thewavehouse

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Then they claim in another video that someone “above them” that they “don’t know” said they had to leave and that they weren’t happy about it.

Will There Be Another One?

Comments on the eviction videos say to “watch this space” and imply that something else is coming soon from the house. However, nothing official has been confirmed as yet.

On the final video in December, the account wrote: “It isn’t over yet… just wait for what we have planned” and captioned the video “until next time…”

Could there be another Wave House?

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