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Things To Talk About On Dates - Top Tips To Conquer Her Heart Forever


One of the most difficult aspects of navigating the early stages of a relationship is coming up with things to talk about on dates.

It's very normal to be nervous about a date. Your date is most likely just as apprehensive as you are.

This list of topics to discuss on dates is a certain method to learn about your future S.O. in a calm, composed manner.

Initial Questions For A First Date (Level 1)

A Couple Talking At First Date
A Couple Talking At First Date

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All of these questions assist you to have a general understanding of who this person is.

This list of topics to discuss on dates is ideal for identifying basic commonalities and aiding in the bonding process between you and your date.

It will give you an idea of who they are and where they came from.

  • What country are you from?
  • Do you have any brothers or sisters?
  • What do you make a living doing?
  • Did you have any pets as a kid?
  • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  • Have you been on any recent vacations?
  • What is your favorite book, TV show, movie, music, podcast, or other form of media?
  • What was your first concert, and when was the last time you attended to a concert?

Questions To Get To Know Someone Better (Level 2)

A First Date Example
A First Date Example

Are you starting to feel more at ease? The following questions may appear to be fundamental topics to discuss on dates, but they will provide you with further information into your date's personality, objectives, and values.

  • What is your favorite cuisine?
  • Where do you prefer to spend your time?
  • Describe the ideal Saturday for you.
  • What was the most recent book you read, TV show you saw, or film you saw?
  • What is your ideal occupation?
  • What is your least favorite household task?
  • Which holiday is your favorite and why?
  • What was your major?
  • In the shower, what's your favorite music to sing?
  • Why did you decide to relocate to *insert the name of the city where you and your partner both live*?

Questions To Highlight Individuality (Level 3)

A Man And A Woman First Date
A Man And A Woman First Date

You have to go beyond the first date list of things to chat about on dates once you've been dating someone for a while.

Asking more theoretical inquiries allows for some lighthearted conversation while still learning more about your date's unique characteristics.

  • What is one item you can't imagine not having?
  • What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?
  • What has been the most helpful piece of advise you've ever received?
  • What is your most vexing pet peeve?
  • What was the most humiliating event that has ever happened to you?
  • What is the best quality of the person you most admire?
  • Which decade would you visit if you could travel back in time?
  • What was the most memorable present you've ever received? What was the most memorable gift you've ever given?
  • How do you get ready in the morning and in the evening?
  • What's your go-to rainy-day pastime?

Questions To Reveal Deal-breakers (Level 4)

A First Date Depiction
A First Date Depiction

These are the queries with potentially contentious and deal-breaking responses. While this may result in unwelcome replies, uncomfortable moments, or awkward silences, it's crucial to be honest with your date. These topics for date conversation should be saved for a third date or later.

  • Who did you cast your ballot for?
  • What's the strangest habit you have?
  • What are your thoughts on social media?
  • Is there anything in your life that you wish you could change?
  • Do you have any long-term goals in mind?
  • What went wrong in your previous relationship?
  • What do you believe in terms of spirituality?
  • What is your life philosophy?
  • In five years, where do you see yourself?

General Tips For Things To Talk About On Dates

A Couple Drinking A Glass Of Wine At First Date
A Couple Drinking A Glass Of Wine At First Date

Now that you've got all of your conversation starters in place, here are some basic suggestions for topics to discuss on dates.

Feel free to respond to the question after your date has given their response. Starting a back-and-forth chat will help the conversation to flow more naturally.

After you've listened, come up with a question or response that includes what they've just said.

You have the right to disagree with your date's viewpoints. You have two options here: have a nice debate or inform your date that you agree to disagree and change the subject.

Don't make any false statements! This is someone with whom you might wish to spend a lot of time.

Lying will result in a shaky start. Here are some broad pointers to keep in mind:

  • Be yourself, be truthful, and be courteous.
  • Make an effort not to bring up your ex. Replace "my ex" with "my friend" if an amusing anecdote involves your ex.
  • Pose open-ended questions and provide open-ended responses.
  • Talk about what you're going to do on your date. Inquire about their cuisine preferences if you're in a restaurant. If you're going to the movies, inquire about their movie preferences.

How To End A Bad Date

A Woman Shy At First Date
A Woman Shy At First Date

Don't think your date is going well? Have you run out of topics to discuss on your date? Do you want to go as soon as possible? Here are some nice ways to finish an awkward discussion or depart early:

  • "I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about that right now." "Could we switch topics?"
  • "I'm not feeling well, so I'm going to retire for the night."
  • "This was entertaining, but I'm not in the mood for anything serious at the moment."
  • "It's been fantastic getting to know you, but I'm searching for something more serious right now."
  • "I had a great time tonight; perhaps we could do it again as friends someday?"

10 Great Questions to Ask on a Date | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

People Also Ask

Is The 3 Day Rule A Thing?

The three-day rule is still in effect. Some men wait three days after a first or second date before phoning or texting you.

They don't want to appear overly eager, so they do this. This is what occurred to one woman who was offended by the standard timing.

Do U Kiss On The First Date?

While you may have clicked and have a lot in common, kissing on a first date allows you to determine whether you have romantic rather than platonic potential.

If the kiss is as good as the date, it's a good sign that your personalities are compatible.

How Do You Flirt On A First Date?

  • Frequently smile. Make sure you flash your dazzling whites since everyone enjoys a warm grin.
  • Laugh a lot. Again, the goal is to have a good time on your first date.
  • Touch Him Occasionally....
  • Compliment Him....
  • Indicate That You Are Available For More.

What To Do If A Date Gets Awkward?

  • Don't scrimp on the planning....
  • Make a fun activity out of it.
  • Ask inquiries that elicit emotions, passions, or stories.
  • Take a few calculated chances....
  • Pose questions that are important to you.


A Good Example First Date
A Good Example First Date

If you ever feel unsafe or in danger on your date, notify an employee of wherever you are located or call the police immediately.

Let someone know your location if you are not meeting your date in a public setting.

All of these things to talk about on dates are subject to the person you are with and can be incorporated in whichever way feels most natural for you.

Remember that dates are a casual way to get to know one another.

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