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What Are The Things You'd Never Do At Home In A Hotel Room


Things you'd never do at home in a hotel room - With your family, a hotel room can be the place you stay while you're away from your home. In this article, you will learn about the things that you do in a hotel room that you would never do at home. Also, you may be able to know what the people on Reddit answer about this question.

Things You Do In A Hotel Room But Not At Home, According To Reddit

Killbillthereforme said: "Inspect the sheets thoroughly"

Dirges2984 commented: "Check the sheets for bugs."

E404_User_Not_Found recommended: " Lift all the sheets down to the mattress. Then check the opposite side of the mattress. If you don’t see bugs you might see little bloodstains from previously bitten guests. If the hotel believes they removed all the bed bugs and could salvage the mattress they might just flip it over. If the bed frame is wooden, you’ll also want to check the crevasses in the wood, any holes, and around the joints.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/things-youd-never-do-at-home-in-a-hotel-room/ by Kane Perkins on 2022-05-03T08:55:04.347Z

Your chance of actually getting bed bugs is super rare and any hotel that cares about staying in business takes them very seriously. That said if you are the unfortunate one to get them your wallet, and sanity will thank you for checking before bringing them home. If you do find bed bugs alert the hotel and ask for your luggage to be sanitized even if you only spent a few minutes in the room. It only takes one to spread. Hotels will have “hot boxes” they place your stuff in that heats up to a temperature that will kill off all the bugs."

FlamingoDingus mentioned: "Eat pizza in bed naked while watching cable tv. When traveling solo, always pick a room with two beds. That way you have an eating bed and a sleeping bed. It’s the closest we’ll get to royalty, folks."

Swamikrish shared: "Use that white hand towel as a bath mat."

SteveMcQueef81 said: "I don't typically steal my own soap." but DrinkLogical182 shared: "The cost of the soaps is included in your rate. So technically when you check out, you're paying for them."

Featureenvy exclaimed: "Watch TV. I don't have cable at home so sometimes I'll flip on cartoon network and just watch it the whole time while doing other stuff."

Goistreddit voiced: "Walk around naked and leave the tv on in the background (I don't have cable at home)"

Leoliontheking revealed: "I always leave the tv on too! I guess that’s why. No cable at home for years now."

Weary_Violinist_3610 commented: "Leave the air con on as long as I’m staying there. Long showers or baths. Uninterrupted masturbation session."

People Also Ask

What Can You Not Do In A Hotel Room?

Take advantage of the bathrobes. Taking more valuable items, such as linens, artwork, and gadgets, could result in additional fees or a fine.

Break something and make up a story about it. Accidents happen, but damaging something in your room and concealing it can endanger staff or future visitors.

Without a suitable kitchen area, you can cook anything. During their visit, some guests will bring their portable cooking gadgets, which can present a few issues. If you want to save money on food, avoid using cooking appliances because they can set off a hotel's fire alarm system or start a fire.

What Things Can Be Taken From Hotel Room?

Items that you can take from your hotel room to your house include the ones listed below.

  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Mouthwash
  • Razor
  • Moisturizer

What Do You Do When You Leave A Hotel?

A messy room with clothes on the bed and on the floor
A messy room with clothes on the bed and on the floor

Many people are unaware that paying for a hotel room does not imply that they should use it without exercising caution.

Make sure that you don't fold a dirty towel. If you fold them up, it will be hard to tell if they were used or not.

Gather your trash. You can ask for a plastic bag to put everything in if you have a lot of it, which is what many travelers do.

Leave some tips and a note. Because your room may be cleaned by different individuals every day, you should consider leaving tips not only at the end of your stay. Leave a note with the tips so that the housekeepers can ensure that their coworkers also get rewarded.

What Do People Like In Hotels?

A happy family looking at the camera while holding a thick white blanket up to their faces
A happy family looking at the camera while holding a thick white blanket up to their faces

People go to hotels primarily because they want to relax and take a break from their hectic daily life at home. Choosing to stay in a hotel is advantageous because it provides conveniences that ensure a pleasurable and trouble-free journey. It doesn't matter whether you remain for an overnight or a couple of days; what matters is that you obtain the rest you require.

What Is Guest Room Supplies?

The term "guest room supplies" refers to anything that is offered to a guest during his or her stay. This contains the following items: The following items are available: Bedding, Bedside Accessories, Bedside Table Accessories, Center Table Accessories, Clothing and Clothing Care, Hospitality Tray, Mini Bar Supplies, and Writing Desk Supplies.

Top Things To Do In A Hotel Room

Inside the hotel room, a young boy and girl is jumping on the bed
Inside the hotel room, a young boy and girl is jumping on the bed

Playing Games In A Hotel Room

With kids in the hotel room, a board game can be very fun. You can also look for games that are played on the web. There are some hotels that even have board games that you can borrow from them. It's possible to ask the desk. If not, bring some with you! If you don't have a board game with you, you can play Pictionary with paper and pencils or pens if you need to. Draw something that other people have to guess.

Seize Free Hotel's Internet Connection

At the front desk, ask for the Wi-Fi password. Most hotel rooms have free Wi-Fi these days, so ask. Streaming service movies and TV shows can be watched or read on the internet. You can also talk to your friends on social media. Play games online, write an email, and try to write a book. This is what you should do. Having hotel rooms is great because you don't have to deal with all the daily stress of life.

Take A Walk Inside The Hotels

You can still have a good time walking around your hotel room. Plus, you never know what you might come into when looking around the hotel. You may take a picture with your friends and family.


Now that the pressures have subsided, it's time to consider the vital things in life. So take some time to consider your options. Make a list of your goals and objectives for the future.

Hotel Room Requirements

Cleanliness. It must be done at the highest possible level. Cleanliness isn't just about bathrooms, bedding, and all public spaces. It also includes things like remote controls, light switches, air vents, and door handles.

Security. Many people think that hotel safety is the most important thing. Hotels should tailor their security to different types of guests, like women, children, and the elderly. Rooms and parking lots are included in this.

Internet Connection. Every service industry expects Wi-Fi. Hotels must provide maximum connectivity and flexibility. Adding a fee or making passwords complicated would only frustrate your guests. Internet access must be straightforward and smooth.

Responsive phone services. It's important that each call is given to a qualified agent who can answer the guest's questions or concerns. Your guests will be annoyed if you don't answer their calls or send them the wrong way.

Lighting. Inadequate hotel lighting is a prevalent problem. Poor lighting adds needless difficulty for your guests and may reduce their sense of security. Review your hotel's lighting's functionality and accessibility.


Thank you for reading this article. The author hopes that you find it informative. When you are looking for a hotel reservation, you should seize the moment, enjoy your stay in your room, and make the most of your moment. But you should be cautious while staying in your hotel room. Everything you do in a hotel room must be aligned with the hotel's standards and policies. So, be a responsible hotel guest.

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