This Chair With Netting Will Protect You From Mosquitos This Summer

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 10.07.19

Never be bitten again (while sitting) with this handy dandy chair with a net.

I know this is going to sound like a huge lie and big ol’ sweeping statement, but I have never been bitten (by a bug). I’ve been bitten by my nephew and my brother at the same time – my brother is 26 – but not by a bug after my blood.

I don’t know what it is. I might taste particularly bad or they could just fear me? Genuinely I have’t a clue, but I’m not going to complain about it.


But listen, some people – and probably you if you’ve clicked on this – aren’t so lucky, with bloodthirsty insects being the bane of your summer.

You can spray some insect repellent around the place, you can stay in doors, you can just take it, but you shouldn’t. You should be able to go where you like and have a totally mosquito-free zone at your beck and call.

That’s where this chair comes in…

anti mosquito chair

Essentially it’s a chair with a roof and a mosquito net draped over it. Does my description take the romance of the product out of it? Yes. Is it at all inaccurate? No.


You know, I don’t what else there is to say about this chair. They could have made the top from the same material as the rest of the net so you could get some sun whilst you sat. Maybe this chair’s also for those sickly people who panic when they’re in the sun for too long.

It looks like it works, though. Does the job. Will you have to carry a chair with you wherever you go just incase there’s mosquitos? Yeah. Yeah you will. How many of my own questions am I going to answer in this article? Don’t know. Three so far.

chair net stop mosquitos


How much does the chair cost? $62.96, which is about £50, and since this is an American product, delivery to the UK is something insane like £40.

Imagine going to the park with your mates and one of them turns up like this…

You know? Just a bit…


Honestly just use repellant and sit on a normal chair.

Why don’t all sun creams come with mosquito-repellent already mixed in? Wouldn’t that be better? Would that lessen the effect of the lotion? I suppose you wouldn’t want that. Similarly – but on a completely separate note – why isn’t all toothpaste sensitive by default? They cost the same and they supposedly clean just as well. What am I missing out on here?

That’s the end of the article.

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