This Circus Is Using Holograms Instead Of Live Animals To Stop Animal Abuse

Michael BurtonMichael Burton in News, World
Published 05.06.19
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A German Circus, Circus Roncalli, has stopped using live animals, and is using holograms instead. They’re doing their bit to help prevent animal abuse.

I’ve not been to the circus since I was a child, which is, sadly, a very long time ago. I remember that animals were involved, but it’s all a bit vague and I doubt very much that animal abuse was on my mind when I was six.

Thankfully the world has moved on since those days. I’ve stopped going to the circus and people are a lot more passionate about preventing animal abuse. The circus might be somewhere you’d traditionally expect to see an animal who is being forced to do something against their own will, but Circus Roncalli are changing all that with the world’s first holographic circus show. It looks pretty special.

Markus Strobl, the Media Director of the circus, says that most of the show was “performed by artists and clowns anyway, the focus of the show was on poetic and acrobatic numbers.” 

Circus Roncalli was originally founded in 1976, and it did use real animals at first but has gradually phased them out. If you were to rock up there today you’d still get to see animals, except these ones would be giant 3D holograms that fill the whole arena.

It looks pretty, well, pretty. Needless to say it has gone down an absolute storm on social media, with many praising the circus’ stance.

Find out more and take a closer look at Circus Roncalli in this video. 

It’s all lovely, pleasant and heartwarming stuff, which is just what we need in this world, am I right? 

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