This Company Will Make You A Mask Identical To Your Pet’s Head Because Why Not?

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 08.07.19

The other day I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw the best picture I’ve seen in a long time.

I haven’t got a clue who took it or to whom it belongs but I think it may be one of my favourite photographs ever taken.

Have a look…

Though I want nothing more in the world, I’ve never met that dog. Have you ever seen anything so unimpressed? Why wouldn’t you want to meet it?

The odds are weighed against me when it comes to meeting the mutt. The way I see it, the closest I can come is paying Masayoshi Shindo Masaki Planning Office in Japan to make me a mask, identical to the dog’s face and then looking in the mirror whilst wearing it.


I’ll be honest with you lot, I could have just opened with the name of that company but I really wanted to share the picture of that dog with the world.

Anyway, the company in question makes wearable masks that look identical to your pet’s face. What’s not to love?

The Japanese firm are taking furries to the next level – as well as providing Halloween costumes and the like – and it’s genuinely intimidating looking at a picture of a man holding his cat whilst looking like his cat.

I hate it.

The cat in that particular picture is a Bengal who goes by the name Rui, hailing from Kyoto and you can tell that even it hates the mask.


Honestly, look at it here…

The thing is, of course it hates the mask.

How freaked out would you be if your pet strutted into the room wearing a mask identical to your face? It would be awful.

Tell a lie, I’d love that. I don’t even have a pet.

To get a mask of your own, you’re to take a picture that showcases your pet as best a photo can, and then send it off to the planning office. They will then pass it on to modelling workshop 91, who will make a 3D mould and that’s the tea, sis.


I spilled it.

But hey, it’s not like it would break the bank.

Your own pet mask from Masayoshi Shindo Masaki Planning Office would set you back 300,000 Japanese Yen, that’s £2,044.20. Subversive humour, people. That’s actually very expensive.


Also, I didn’t really want to say it but you really have to take the “identical” part of the transaction with a pinch of salt…

I want to go home.

Images via PR Times