This Girl Chose The Nun As Her Birthday Party Theme And It’s Spectacular

Michael BurtonMichael Burton in Entertainment, Film
Published 07.06.19
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As birthday parties go, this one is definitely thinking outside the box. 

I wanted Alfie Powell to write this one but his birthday is coming up and he won’t stop banging on about it. Alright mate, we get it, you’re turning 23 and have a collection of friends large enough to book a small table at a mediocre chain restaurant. It’s going to be a nice evening, fun times will be had, but it’s not world changing, can we talk about something else now?

Anyway, I figured that if he wrote about this little girl he’d find a way of making it all about him, and it’s not, it’s about Lucia and her 3rd birthday party, and her party looks pretty great to be honest. She chose the horror movie The Nun as her theme, and her parents duly obliged.

Nun Horror Movie Party

She even got a themed cake. It doesn’t look particularly appetising if I’m honest, but I’m sure it tasted great.

Nun Horror Movie Party 2

Her cousin posted the images to Twitter and everyone loved it. It turns out Lucia isn’t alone in her taste for out-there birthday parties, there’s a few other kids who are digging the horror vibe.

It’s all very wholesome and lovely, I can’t help but wonder if they watched the movie during the party. 

*Little editor’s note from Alfie here since Mike asked me to proof this, for some reason. Genuinely hurt. Upset. I did invite him to my birthday thing but he’s too busy with a stag do or whatever. There’s not many people who would invite their boss to their birthday drinks, but you know, I admired him. That’s enough about me, though. Don’t want Mike to go off on one…*

Images via Twitter

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